Inventory Facilities:

  • Good Practices included in this Inventory incorporate methods, techniques, approaches or lessons, which apply the UDL principles and guidelines proposed by CAST. They have proven, through experience and experiment, to maximize learning opportunities for every individual student in order to secure inclusive and quality education for all. The basic selection criteria for a UDLnet Good Practice were: transferable, adaptable, flexible and effective.
  • Media Resources complement the UDL Good Practices and relate to the Pedagogical Approach applied by the educationalist and the Instructional Material used. The Media Resources may also be the outcome of a particular lesson or scenario.
    • Pedagogy Media Resources: Good Practices require information to be presented in multiple formats (e.g. extra lesson text, graphics, audio, videos, and online games).
    • Instructional Materials describe the content and outcomes of a Good Practice or a lesson, specifically or in broad terms. Examples include: online reading materials (other than the textbook), instructional technologies (e.g., Open Education Resources or Learning Management Systems) and course materials (other than the textbook) such as: Web content, documents (MS-Word, PDF), presentations (MS-PowerPoint), multimedia files (video, audio), games, artifacts and hand-outs.
  • Collections provide UDLnet users with the facility to gather, link, and organise different Good Practices and Media Resources together to meet their specific needs around a particular topic, theme, or class.
  • Community is a portal that provides the following facilities to the user: a) join the UDLnet online community and collaborate, b) gain full access to UDLnet online Courses and Workshops and c) obtain full access to UDLnet Training Resources.